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  • Saguenay Fjord






    08:46 AM

    The Saguenay Fjord is a spectacular location that is made up of three basins and stands in the unexplored region in Northern Quebec.

    Saguenay is North America’s southernmost navigable and inhabited fjord and is centred on the Lac Saint-Jean as well as the Saguenay River. Both rivers are famous for their critical role in providing historical insight into the development, and evolution of the area, which is estimated to have begun about 950 million years ago.

    The fjord is nutrient dense and is home to an incredible array of wildlife.



    Usually, when someone thinks of fjords they think of Norway and not Canada but let’s not forget, North America is brimming with natural treasures, one of which is our beloved Saguenay Fjord. The beauty of this fjord is highlighted by spectacular backdrops, dark mysterious waters, and its remote surroundings. This region provides a wonderful playground for those interested in enjoying thrilling outdoor activities. Saguenay offers everything from extreme rock climbing to kayaking to whale watching.

    If you’re looking for a place to disconnect from modern-day worries and reconnect with nature, this is the spot for you. Here you can enjoy over 100 km of pristine wilderness that is yet to be sold out to tourism. Part of what makes Saguenay Fjord so special and loveable is that it remains protected from the masses, the land has managed to keep its authenticity and charm. Saguenay is for those who wish to escape and or enjoy Nature in all its untouched glory. The only set back of visiting such a remote destination is that it is not arranged for tourist, be prepared to be given untranslated menus and not have an information guide and or kiosk anywhere in site. Alas, this is a small price for getting the opportunity to enjoy such a prized area.

    Saguenay Fjord is easy to love considering the amount of flora and fauna the area boasts. The Fjord’s park forest is home to wolves, black bears, lynx, beavers, and moose. Peregrine falcons dwell among the cliffs while seals, brook trout, Atlantic salmon, Greenland halibut and Arctic cod reside within the park's waters.

    The fjord’s surrounding waters are also home to four different species of whales which are the blue whale, the fin whale, the minke whale and the beluga whale.


    • The Saguenay Fjord covers 17% of the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park.
    • Saguenay is one of the rare fjords that releases its waters to an estuary instead of an ocean.
    • The fjord ranks as one of the world’s longest, with an impressive 105 km (65 mi) in length.
    • The Saguenay is the only navigable fjord in North America.
    • This area is home to the Arvida Bridge, the first bridge in the world built entirely of aluminium.
    • Saguenay is the only region in the province of Quebec with its own flag.


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