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    06:45 AM

    The Maldives has 2,000 independent islands and 26 atolls, which are a string of closely spaced small coral islands.

    Most of the Maldives is water which means that this country, and specifically the Ari Atoll, is a snorkeller’s and or scuba diver’s dream destination.


    Ari Atoll is also one of the most developed regions and serves as a famous get-away spot for water-enthusiast and adventures looking to escape land life and become one with the sea. The atoll is a prime dive destination for it is home to hundreds of amazing dive sites that feature incredible aquatic life, with at least a few accessible from every island.


    Ari Atoll is one of the largest atolls in Maldives, it is 80 kms (49.7 mi) long and 30 kms (18.6) wide. This atoll is known for its natural beauty, diving areas, and for being the most well-developed tourist zone within the nation.

    Ari Atoll is a diver’s paradise that offers a different diving experience than many other areas in the Maldives. This atoll does not have long stretches of barrier reef instead it has underwater islands known as thilas. These thilas are located within the kandu, diving area around atoll where the tide changes, which offer access to an array of diverse sea life.    

    The best part of staying at Ari Atoll is that it gives you direct access to authentic experiences. Due to the Atoll’s size you have access to developed portions of the country while also enjoying the local life and cultural immersion of the area. This is something resort islands cannot offer!           

    The location of the Ari Atoll allows you to swim alongside playful manta rays, graceful whale sharks and schools of hammerheads. This atoll is an underwater dream filled with big species of fish as well as a plethora of macro life as well. This top dive site is where swimmers and divers can find anything from frogfish, zebra morays, nudibranchs, blueline snappers and hundreds of other colourful fish. You might even run into some eagle rays and or maybe even the occasional guitar shark along your underwater travels…talk about exciting!

    Diving and swimming aren’t the only things to do during your stay. You may also take a tour and visit a deserted sand bank where you can stop for some fun in the sun, sand castle building, and or enjoying barbecue. You may also want to catch some air as you get on a wind board and enjoy a morning and or afternoon or windsurfing!


    • “Atoll” comes from the Dhivehi, south Maldivian language, word “atholhu".
    • The top occupations for natives of the Ari Atoll include hospitality service, sail weaving, and coral collecting and or carving.
    • The natives of this atoll are well known for their diving skills.
    • Many Maldivian atolls, including the Ari, provide unparalleled access to manta rays, whale sharks, hammerheads, guitar sharks, turtles, grey reef sharks and eagle rays.
    • Whale sharks and hammerheads are present around Ari Atoll all year.
    • The peak time to see Mantas around Ari is between August and November.
    • South Ari Atoll is a Marine Protection Area that extends for 1 km seaward from the surface. This is specially designed to preserve the whale shark population along with all marine life in the area.



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